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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 SMARTWARES www.smartwaresgroup.com Smarthome Basic smarthome control system ◼ Expandable ◼ Works with up to 99 devices ◼ Compatible with all current smart home receivers The Smarthome Basic range offers you the way to always be in control of your home. By using senders such as a remote or an application on your smartphone, you can control your devices to suit your lifestyle. You can increase convenience and safety in the way you want it to. The Smarthome range is very adaptable, to create endless possibilities, where you can create a smarter home step by step. All of the senders can be paired to any of the receivers, so you can create a set to suit your exact requirements. Each receiver can pair with up to 6 senders. Each sender can control as many receivers as you need. All have an operating distance of 30m. Receivers Code Description SH5-RBD-01A Switch converter Turn your wall switch on/off or dimmable by remote. 100W SH5-RBS-04A Build-in switch. Wireless built-in power switch. 400W SH5-RBS-10A Ceiling switch. Wireless built-in receiver switch. SH5-TBD-02A Build-in switch with dimmer. 200W SH5-RBU-04A Build-in switch up/down for shutter. 300W SH5-RFD-A Plug in E27 adaptor with dimmer. 60W Code Description SH5-TDR-K Remote control key fob. Control 1 channel key chain. SH5-TDR-F Remote Control. Control up to 4 receivers. SH5-TDR-T Timer remote control Control up to 15 devices. 8 x time settings SH5-TSW-C Outdoor wall switch. IP44 waterproof SH5-TSW-A Remote control wall switch Code Description SH5-TSW-B Wireless double wall switch. Control 2 receivers individually. SH5-TSM-A Wireless magnetic contact switch. Door or window sensor switch SH5-TSO-A Wireless motion detector Operate receivers individually or as group SH5-TSO-B Outdoor wireless motion detector. IP44 waterproof SH5-TSY-A Outdoor day/night light sensor. IP44 waterproof ◼ 3 Pack Socket Kit ◼ Plug-through sockets ◼ Control sockets using remote ◼ Control either individuallly or as a group ◼ Available in silver or white Code Description SH5-SET-GW-UK Smart Home Control System Starter Set SF-500S/3UK Remote control 3 pack of sockets - Max 1000W SH5-51000-UK Remote control 3 pack of sockets - Max 3000W - White SH5-51000-UKS Remote control 3 pack of sockets - Max 3000W - Silver SH5-SET-OB Outdoor starter kit Transmitters Sets SH5-SET-GW-UK SH5-TDR-K SH5-TSW-B SH5-TSY-A SH5-TSO-B SH5-TSO-A SH5-TSW-A SH5-TSW-C SH5-TDR-T SH5-TDR-F SH5-TSM-A SH5-51000-UKS SF-500S/3UK SH5-SET-OB SH5-RBD-01A SH5-RBS-04A SH5-RBU-04A SH5-RFD-A SH5-TBD-02A SH5-RBS-10A