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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 Shower Fans Designed for use within the splash areas of showers and baths these fans can be installed within Zone 1 areas with connection to the remote in-line 4" (100mm) axial fan unit via the ducting provided. Also available with integral low voltage light, which comes with both white and chrome internal grilles. The fan is ideal for modern bathrooms and toilets where a simple and minimalist design is required. Easy to install and suitable for ceiling mounting only. External Grilles Description Cat. No. 4" (100mm) Gravity Grille – white 4821W 4" (100mm) Gravity Grille – brown 4821B 4" (100mm) Fixed Grille – white 4822W 4" (100mm) Fixed Grille – brown 4822B 6" (150mm) Gravity Grille – white 4881W 6" (150mm) Gravity Grille – brown 4881B 6" (150mm) Fixed Grille – white 4882W 6" (150mm) Fixed Grille – brown 4882B Fixed grilles may be installed in horizontal or vertical planes and in exposed locations where gravity grilles may be affected by turbulent wind conditions. Description Cat. No. Shower Fan kit with Timer 4640 Shower Fan kit with Timer and integral light 4641 Wall Fixing Kits For through wall applications, includes gravity grilles to prevent back drafts and length of rigid ducting extendable from 20cm to 50cm. Description Cat. No. 4" (100mm) Wall Fixing Kit 4824 6" (150mm) Wall Fixing Kit 4884 Flexible Ducting Available in 4" and 6" diameters in 3m lengths. Description Cat. No. 4" (100mm) Flexible Duct – 3m 4820 6" (150mm) Flexible Duct – 3m 4880 4882W 4821W DETA ELECTRICAL www.detaelectrical.co.uk