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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 Glass LED Tube - Frosted Length LEDT2GS/NW 9W 2ft LEDT4GS/NW 18W 4ft LEDT5GS/NW 24W 5ft LEDT6GS/NW 32W 6ft LED - T8 Tubes • Approvals:- (VDE. CE ROHS, TUV) • Colour: 5000-5500K (White) • Starter link included • Direct replacement for switch start/magnetic ballast by replacing old starter with link starter • Glass Tubes Colour Temp 4000k Dedicated LED Batten Fittings • 2 Driver options: 5yr warranty on Tridonic & 3yr on Un-branded fittings • SMD-5630 strip high lumen 100Lm/Watts • Strip retention along full length of fitting • LED mounting on heat sink plate for quick heat dissipation • 20mm knock-out at end cap for through wiring • Power Factor:- >0.9 / CRI >7/80 / Colour - 4000k (Natural White) • Available in single and twin (4ft, 5ft & 6ft) Tridonic Driver Unbranded driver 4ft Single BF430S BF423S 4ft Twin BF455T BF440T 5ft Single BF540S BF538S 5ft Twin BF565T BF56T 5ft Emergency BF565EM3 6ft Single BF650S BF648S 6ft Twin BF672T BF665T 6ft Emergency BF672EM3 Dedicated LED Anti-Corrosive Fittings Code LED Anti Corrisive IP65 Fitting WPS424LED 4' Single 24W (1x24W) WPT448LED 4' Twin 48W (2x24W) WPS530LED 5' Single High Lumen 30W (1x30W) WPT560LED 5' Twin High Lumen 60W (2x30W) WPS648LED 6' Single High Lumen 48W (1x48) WPT696LED 6' Twin High Lumen 96W (2x48) WPS530LED/EM3 5' Single Emergency 30W (1x30W) WPT560LED/EM3 5' Twin Emergency 60W (2x30W) WPS648LED/EM3 6' Single Emergency 48W (1x48W) WPT696LED/EM3 6' Twin Emergency 96W (2x48W) Features and Benefits • Diecast aluminium body (no driver required) • SMD chip - 6500K / 240V 50Hz ac • 10W (900lm) to 50W (4500lm) • PIR in centre of body with 120º beam angle • Available as switch start IP65 or with PIR IP44 High Power LED Floodlights IMPORTANT! Completely Free Lighting Design Service CED now offer a full lighting design service free of charge. Contact your AIEW Wholesaler for more details Code Description MS360REC 360°/12m Recessed Microwave Sensor MS360REC/AD Adjustable 360°/8m Recessed Micro M/Sensor PIR12MREC 360°/12m Recessed PIR IP44 MS360SUR 360°/12m Surfaced Infrared M/Detector OS360SUR 360°/20m S/Mounted Occupancy Sensor PIR12MSUR 360°/12m Ceiling Mounted PIR IP44 PIR180BLK 180° Wall Mounted Infrared M/Detector PIR180WHI 180 Wall Mounted Infrared M/Detector PIR180WLBLK 180° Wall Mounted Infrared M/Detector PIR180WLWHI 180° Wall Mounted Infrared M/Detector PIR180BLK/65 180° Wall Mounted Infrared M/Detector PIR180WHI/65 180° Wall Mounted Infrared M/Detector PIR360CNRBLK 360°/5-20m Corner Mounted PIR IP44 PIR360CNRWHI 360°/5-20m Corner Mounted PIR IP44 PC10BLK 10A Dusk to Dawn Photocell Black IP44 PC10GREY 10A Dusk to Dawn Photocell Grey IP44 PIR360SUR 360° Surfaced PIR Motion Sensor IP44 PIR360REC 360°Recessed PIR M/Sensor c/w Clips Lighting Control We are pleased to announce our NEW range of Lighting Control Fittings. This elegant range of detectors combines the latest sensor technology with modern design to create a range of well balanced units. They are equipped with highly sensitive infrared, motion, microwave detectors positioned at a specific angle. Reliable switching, uninterrupted all round 360° sensors. • Surface mounting or recessed (c/w clips) • Approvals: (TUV, CE, ROHS) • Available in either White or Black • Full detection adjustment controls • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Features & Benefits CED www.cedelectrical.co.uk Code Type Watts Lumens Dimensions ZFL10 Standard 10W 900lm 104 x 27 x 125mm ZFL10PIR with PIR 10W 900lm 104 x 55 x 165mm ZFL20 Standard 20W 1800lm 152 x 125 x 28mm ZFL20PIR with PIR 20W 1800lm 189 x 125 x 55mm ZFL30 Standard 30W 2700lm 168 x 27 x 209mm ZFL30PIR with PIR 30W 2700lm 168 x 54 x 252mm ZFL50 Standard 50W 4500lm 200 x 57 x 287mm ZFL50PIR with PIR 50W 4500lm 200 x 57 x 287mm