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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 Manto 2 Integrated LED IP65 integrated fitting pre-wired with continuous pass-through loop-in/ loop-out terminal blocks including permanent live for emergency models. 4000K cool white colour temp. 120° Beam angle. 50,000 hour life. Code Rating Version Total Lumens Height Length 11021 20W 4ft Standard 2000lm 75mm 1270mm 11038 20W 4ft Microwave Sensor 2000lm 75mm 1270mm 11045 20W 4ft 3-Hour Emergency 2000lm 75mm 1270mm 11083 30W 5ft Standard 3000lm 75mm 1570mm 11090 30W 5ft Microwave Sensor 3000lm 75mm 1570mm 11106 30W 5ft 3-Hour Emergency 3000lm 75mm 1570mm High Output Version 11052 40W 4ft 4000lm 75mm 1270mm 11069 40W 4ft Microwave Sensor 4000lm 75mm 1270mm 11076 40W 4ft 3-Hour Emergency 4000lm 75mm 1270mm 11113 60W 5ft 6000lm 75mm 1570mm 11120 60W 5ft Microwave Sensor 6000lm 75mm 1570mm 11137 60W 5ft 3-Hour Emergency 6000lm 75mm 1570mm Standard High Output Standard 85mm wide High Output 118mm wide Atlas LED Commercial Floodlight High output IP65 commercial floodlight in a black finish. Ideal for illuminating large areas such as car parks or up-lighting buildings. 4000K cool white colour temp. 110° beam angle. 30,000 hour life Code Rating Useful Lumens Width Height Depth 12103 100W 8300lm 255mm 280mm 90mm 12110 150W 11500lm 290mm 365mm 90mm 12127 200W 16200lm 350mm 435mm 100mm Atlas-Mini LED Slim-line Floodlight Energy efficient integrated LED slim-line floodlights available with or without PIR sensor in black finish. 4000K cool white colour temp. 35,000 hour life. IP66 rated. 110° beam angle. Code Rating Equiv. Useful Lumens Width Height Depth Atlas-Mini LED Slim-line Floodlight 7581 10W 70W 760lm 140mm 130mm 30mm 6416 20W 100W 1450lm 201mm 193mm 34mm 6430 30W 150W 2200lm 201mm 193mm 34mm 6454 50W 200W 3850lm 298mm 285mm 40mm Atlas-Mini LED Slim-line Floodlight With PIR Sensor 7598 10W 70W 760lm 140mm 188mm 51mm 6423 20W 100W 1450lm 201mm 229mm 51mm 6447 30W 150W 2200lm 201mm 229mm 51mm 6461 50W 200W 3850lm 298mm 285mm 55mm Galanos Athena Integrated LED Panel Energy efficient integrated LED panel. High efficiency - ≥90lm/W. 120° beam angle. 30,000 hour life. Code Rating Colour Temp Total Lumens Width Length Depth 12271 36W 3000K 3250lm 595mm 595mm 10mm 12288 36W 4000K 3330lm 595mm 595mm 10mm 12295 36W 6000K 3390lm 595mm 595mm 10mm 3-Hour Emergency Pack For Galanos Athena 36W 12424 3-hour emergency conversion pack 100mm x 200mm x 53mm Melana Integrated LED Round Bulkhead Energy efficient integrated LED round bulkhead suitable for wall or ceiling mounting. IP66 rated. 35,000 hour Life. 110° beam angle. 1100 Useful lumens. Non-Dimmable. Dimensions Ø 308mm x height 89mm Code Rating Version Colour Temp Colour Finish 10628 15W Standard 3000K White 10635 15W Standard 3000K Black 6492 15W Standard 4000K White 6508 15W Standard 4000K Black 10239 15W Microwave Sensor 4000K White 10284 15W Microwave Sensor 4000K Black 10246 15W 3 Hour Emergency 4000K White 10291 15W 3 Hour Emergency 4000K Black 10253 15W Microwave & Emergency 4000K White 10307 15W Microwave & Emergency 4000K Black Melana Round Eyelid Cover 10277 Eyelid Cover - White Finish 10260 Eyelid Cover - Black Finish PHOEBE LED www.cromptonlamps.com