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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 KNIGHTSBRIDGE www.mlaccessories.co.uk T8 LED Battens T8 LED Ready Battens Code Description Length T8LB14 Single T8 LED Ready Batten (4ft) 1225mm T8LB15 Single T8 LED Ready Batten (5ft) 1525mm T8LB16 Single T8 LED Ready Batten (6ft) 1778mm T8 LED Tubes T8LED4 T8 20W LED Tube (4ft) 1214mm 4000K T8LED4D T8 20W LED Tube (4ft) 1214mm 6000K T8LED5 T8 24W LED Tube (5ft) 1514mm 4000K T8LED5D T8 24W LED Tube (5ft) 1514mm 6000K T8LED6 T8 30W LED Tube (6ft) 1767mm 4000K T8LED6D T8 30W LED Tube (6ft) 1767mm 6000K 230V Single Dimensions: W: 60mm H: 85mm Lamp type: LED (supplied) 4000K Construction: Steel & Polycarbonate Single Code Model T8BLED12 10W T8BLED14 20W T8BLED15 26W T8BLED15EM 26W T8BLED15HL 40W T8BLED15HLEM 40W T8BLED16 30W T8BLED16EM 30W T8BLED16HL 50W T8BLED16HLEM 100W 230V Twin Dimensions: W: 95mm H: 85mm Lamp type: LED (supplied) 4000K Construction: Steel & Polycarbonate Twin Length / Description Code Model T8BLED22 20W (2ft) 615mm T8BLED24 40W (4ft) 1225mm T8BLED25 50W (5ft) 1525mm T8BLED25EM 50W (5ft) 1525mm Emergency T8BLED25HL 80W (5ft) 1525mm High Lumen T8BLED25HLEM 80W (5ft) 1525mm Emergency High Lumen T8BLED26 60W (6ft) 1790mm T8BLED26EM 60W (6ft) 1790mm Emergency T8BLED26HL 100W (6ft) 1790mm High Lumen T8BLED26HLEM 100W (6ft) 1790mm Emergency High Lumen T8 LED Ready Battens Also available as Twin units. All require T8 LED Tubes Dimensions: W: 63mm x H: 80mm ACCESSORIES IP65 CCT Adjustable LED Bulkheads BT14CT shown with optional chrome bezel (supplied with white bezel as standard) Hinged gear tray and push-fit terminals for easy installation. Dimensions All BT models are CCT adjustable to 3000K, 4000K and 5700K via a simple switch on the gear tray Manufactured from polycarbonate and easy to fix via simple push-fit design 9W : Ø: 256mm D: 74mm 14W : Ø: 315mm D: 74mm 20W: Ø: 380mm D: 81mm Lamp type: LED – supplied Control Gear: LED driver 9W Code 14W Code 20W Code Model BT9CT BT14CT BT20CT CCT Adjustable BT9CTEM BT20CTEM BT20CTEM CCT Adjustable - Emergency BT9CTS BT14CTS BT20CTS CCT Adjustable - Sensor BT9CTEMS BT14CTEMS BT20CTEMS CCT Adjustable – Emergency & Sensor - BT14CTA BT20CTA CCT Adjustable – Corridor Function - BT14CTEMA BT20CTEMA CCT Adjustable – Emergency & Corridor Function 9W Code 14W Code 20W Code Model BT9EB BT14EB - Black Eyelid BT9EG BT14EG - Grey Eyelid BT9ES BT14ES - Silver Eyelid BT9B BT14B BT20B Black Bezel BT9G BT14G BT20G Grey Bezel BT9SLV BT14SLV BT20SLV Silver Bezel BT9MBR BT14MBR BT20MBR Matt Brass Bezel BT9CHR BT14CHR BT20CHR Chrome Bezel IP65 Non-Corrosive Fittings Dimensions: W: 94mm H: 90mm 230V as standard, 110V models available for site lighting Dimensions: W: 129mm H: 90mm Constructed from impact-resistant durable polycarbonate base and diffuser. Fitting supplied with quick-fit connector and complete with fixing accessories. Ideal replacement for standard fluorescent fixtures. Suitable for industrial and commercial applications. 3 COLOUR SETTINGS 3000K 5700K 4000K Code Description Length Lumens TRLED12 Single 14W LED (2ft) 4000K 653mm 1530 TRLED14 Single 23W LED (4ft) 4000K 1263mm 2650 TRLED14EM Single 23W LED (4ft) Emergency 4000K 1263mm 2650 TRLED15 Single 29W LED (5ft) 4000K 1563mm 3650 TRLED15EM Single 29W LED (5ft) Emergency 4000K 1563mm 3650 TRLED15D Single 29W LED (5ft) 6000K 1563mm 3610 TRLED15EMD Single 29W LED (5ft) Emergency 6000K 1563mm 3610 TRLED151 110V Single 29W LED (5ft) 4000K 1563mm 3400 TRLED151EM 110V Single 29W LED (5ft) Emergency 4000K 1563mm 3400 TRLED16 Single 33W LED (6ft) 4000K 1828mm 4100 TRLED16EM Single 33W LED (6ft) Emergency 4000K 1828mm 4100 TRLED16D Single 33W LED (6ft) 6000K 1828mm 3960 TRLED16EMD Single 33W LED (6ft) Emergency 6000K 1828mm 3960 Code Description Length Lumens TRLED22 Twin 28W LED (2ft) 4000K 653mm 3050 TRLED221 110V Twin 28W LED (2ft) 4000K 653mm 3000 TRLED221EM 110V Twin 28W LED (2ft) Emergency 4000K 653mm 3000 TRLED24 Twin 41W LED (4ft) 4000K 1263mm 4670 TRLED24EM Twin 41W LED (4ft) Emergency 4000K 1263mm 4670 TRLED25 Twin 50W LED (5ft) 4000K 1563mm 5800 TRLED25EM Twin 50W LED (5ft) Emergency 4000K 1563mm 5800 TRLED25D Twin 50W LED (5ft) 6000K 1563mm 5700 TRLED25EMD Twin 50W LED (5ft) Emergency 6000K 1563mm 5700 TRLED26 Twin 69W LED (6ft) 4000K 1828mm 7770 TRLED26EM Twin 69W LED (6ft) Emergency 4000K 1828mm 7770 TRLED26D Twin 69W LED (6ft) 6000K 1828mm 7820 TRLED26EMD Twin 69W LED (6ft) Emergency 6000K 1828mm 7820 YEAR WARRANTY 5 YEAR WARRANTY 5 YEAR WARRANTY 3