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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 CHINT EBG-1P-B06 6A, 1P EBG-1P-B10 10A, 1P EBG-1P-B16 16A, 1P EBG-1P-B20 20A, 1P EBG-1P-B32 32A, 1P EBG-1P-B40 40A, 1P MCBs: EBG series • 6KA, B Curve • Ratings 6A to 40A MCBs • SP, DP, 3P & 4P • 6kA & 10kA • B, C & D Curve • Ratings 1A to 63A • 10kA, Single Pole, C Curve NB1-63CH1P01 1A, 1P NB1-63CH1P02 2A, 1P NB1-63CH1P03 3A, 1P NB1-63CH1P04 4A, 1P NB1-63CH1P06 6A, 1P NB1-63CH1P10 10A, 1P NB1-6CCH1P16 16A, 1P NB1-63CH1P20 20A, 1P NB1-63CH1P25 25A, 1P NB1-63CH1P32 32A, 1P NB1-63CH1P40 40A, 1P NB1-63CH1P50 50A, 1P NB1-63CH1P63 63A, 1P NB1-63 series RCBOs • 10KA, B Curve NB3LEU-B06 6A 30mA NB3LEU-B10 10A 30mA NB3LEU-B16 16A 30mA NB3LEU-B20 20A 30mA NB3LEU-B25 25A 30mA NB3LEU-B32 32A 30mA NB3LEU-B40 40A 30mA NB3LEU-B45 45A 30mA NB3LEU-B50 50A 30mA • 10KA, C Curve NB3LEU-C06 6A 30mA NB3LEU-C10 10A 30mA NB3LEU-C16 16A 30mA NB3LEU-C20 20A 30mA NB3LEU-C25 25A 30mA NB3LEU-C32 32A 30mA NB3LEU-C40 40A 30mA NB3LEU-C45 45A 30mA NB3LEU-C50 50A 30mA NL1-100-280/100-S 80A 100mA, 2P NL1-100-480/100-S 80A 100mA, 4P NL1-100-2100/100-S 100A 100mA, 2P RCDs • 2P, AC Type NL1-63-225/30 25A 30mA, 2P NL1-63-225/100 25A 100mA, 2P NL1-63-225/300 25A 300mA, 2P NL1-63-240/30 40A 30mA, 2P NL1-63-240/100 40A 100mA, 2P NL1-63-240/300 40A 300mA, 2P NL1-63-263/30 63A 30mA, 2P NL1-63-263/100 63A 100mA, 2P NL1-63-263/300 63A 300mA, 2P NL1-100-280/30 80A 30mA, 2P NL1-100-280/100 80A 100mA, 2P NL1-100-280/300 80A 300mA, 2P NL1-100-2100/30 100A 30mA, 2P NL1-100-2100/100 100A 100mA, 2P NL1-100-2100/300 100A 300mA, 2P Time Delay RCDs Easy Viewing, Neutral Colour Boards are readily available with all metal, or glazed doors, finished in a pleasing neutral colour so as not to look out of place in most Commercial, Industrial applications. The Cable Spreader Boxes are supplied with a full length of 35mm DIN Rail to allow components such as contactors, MCBs and various other components to be easily mounted either side of the incoming cables, in effect build a mini Control Panel. The Acrylic Glazing is held in place with high specification adhesive. TP&N Distribution Boards NXDB MKIII • All metal or with glazed doors • 4, 6, 8, 12 and 18 Way • Includes 4 Pole Incomer • Can be mounted vertically on top of each other to cater for Power & Lighting configuration • Boards can be separately metered • Light Grey finish to EN7035 over pre-treated steel All metal Glazed No. ways NXDB-125-4 NXDB-125-4GD 4 Way NXDB-125-6 NXDB-125-6GD 6 Way NXDB-125-8 NXDB-125-8GD 8 Way NXDB-125-12 NXDB-125-12GD 12 Way NXDB-125-18 NXDB-125-18GD 18 Way NXDB-125-24 NXDB-125-24GD 24 Way Panel mounting PAN assemblies PA-08 8 Way PAN Assembly PA-12 12 Way PAN Assembly PA-18 18 Way PAN Assembly Accessories NXDB-125- IK4P 125A Incomer Kit EX-1803/SB Spreader Box EX-4250 250A, 4P Incomer Unit with Cable Shrouds MRJ4M-LS01 Single Meter Kit MRJ4M-LS02 Dual Meter Kit, Enclosure, Incomer & Cables NXDB-BP 18mm Blanking Plates (2pcs) NXDB-LINK 3 Phase–Single Phasing Link NXDB.LOCK Padlock and Fixing Kit A new range of panel mounting PAN assemblies suitable for the following MCB ranges is introduced 8, 12 and 18 ways. Wide range of circular conduit holes & square cut out for trunking, these are all laser pre cut so as to give easy access without damaging the gland plates. Metering with double CT connection, DIN rail mounting and LCD display www.chint.co.uk