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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 CLICK www.scolmore.com Solution 3 - Add a wireless switch with an outdoor socket. Outdoor Socket OA1636AG Smart 2 Gang Outdoor Socket & Switch • Ideal for switching outdoor lighting • Prevent unauthorized use of outdoor socket with ability to isolate the sockets • RFSAI-61B allows wireless control of your socket • Install the RFWB/20G in a convenient place using wireless technology. OA036AG RFWB-20/G RFSAI-61B • Retro fit solution to convert a switched live into a permanent feed. • Allows independent control of the lighting circuit, whilst, for example, still supplying a smoke detector with constant power. RFSAI-61B RFIM-40B MD004PW CMA401 Solution 1 - Switch supply to permanent conversion pack. Converter Pack CMA-SLCONV Smart Switch Supply to Permanent Converter Pack Solutions to make your home smarter need in one box Dimmer Switch CMA-SDIM1 Smart Mode LED Dimmer 160W • Compatible with traditional wiring, by simply changing the switch to a momentary press or retractive switch as supplied in the box • Achieve multiple way dimming, unachievable with traditional rotary dimmers. Simply add more retractive switches where required. • Retrofit to existing circuit. • Dims up to 160W of dimmable LED • Never have to worry about changing the dimmer if the LED light source is changed. CMA401 MD004PW Solution 2 - Fix flickering rotary dimmers by using a retractive switch instead of a rotary dimmer (wired). RFDEL-71B Everything you