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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 DETA ELECTRICAL Description Code Plug Tops 13A Plug Fused TW13FP 13A Plug Fused - Black TB13FP 5A Round Pin Plug Fused TW05FP 13A Heavy Duty Rubber Plug Fused RP13AW 13A Heavy Duty Rubber Plug Fused - Black RP13AB Flex Connectors 10A 2 Pin Plug and Socket Rubber RC2PBC 10A 3 Pin Plug and Socket Rubber RC3PBC Description Code HDMI Cables HDMI Cable 1.5m HDMI150 HDMI Cable 3m HDMI300 HDMI Cable 5m HDMI500 HDMI Cable 10m HDMI1000 HDMI Cable 15m HDMI1500 HDMI Cables - High Performance HDMI Cable - High Performance 1m HDMIHP100 HDMI Cable - High Performance 3m HDMIHP300 HDMI Cable Angled/Adjustable - High Performance 2m HDMIANG200 HDMI Coupler HDMI Coupler HDMICPL TV & USB Accessories HDMI Cables & Coupler Coaxial & Satellite Accessories HDMI150 CXCBL150 HDMICPL Description Code Coaxial Accessories Coaxial Plugs Male (Pack of 2) COAXPLGM Coaxial Plugs Female (Pack of 2) COAXPLGF Coaxial Couplers (Pack of 2) COAXCPL Coaxial Y Splitter COAXSPL Coaxial Cable Connection Kit COAXKIT TV Coaxial Cable 1.5m CXCBL150 TV Coaxial Cable 3m CXCBL300 COAXPLGM COAXCPL COAXSPL SATKIT SATCON SATCPL RC2PBC FU03AT FUSWIR 1203P 1210 1212 Installation Accessories Satellite Accessories F Type Satellite Connector Kit SATKIT F Type Satellite Connector SATCON F Type Satellite Coupler SATCPL F Type Satellite Cable 3m SATCBL300 F Type Satellite Cable 5m SATCBL500 USB & Lightning Cables Apple Lightning Sync and Charge Cable 1m ICBL100 USB to Micro USB Cable USBCBL100 USB 3 In 1 Connection Kit USBKIT USB C to C Cable 1m USBCC100-1M USB A to C Cable 1m USBAC100-1M COAXKIT Connector Strips 3A 12 Way Connector Strip 1201P 6A 12 Way Connector Strip 1202P 16A 12 Way Connector Strip 1203P 32A 12 Way Connector Strip 1204P 60A 12 Way Connector Strip 1205P Connector Boxes 16A Connector Box with Flex Cord Grip 1210 16A Connector Box with Connector Strip & Cord Grip 1212 Junction Boxes 20A 4 Terminal PPJC204W 20A 6 Terminal PPJC206W 30A 3 Terminal PPJC303W Fuses 3A Fuses Card (Pack of 10) FU03AT 5A Fuses Card (Pack of 10) FU05AT 13A Fuses (Pack of 10) FU13AT Mixed Fuse Pack - 2 x 3A, 3 x 5A, 5 x 13A (Pack of 10) FUMXAT Fuse Wire Carded - 5A/15A/30A FUSWIR www.detaelectrical.co.uk